Trust Your Forecast


My spiritual director suggested I create a vision board—a collage of images that resonates from pure instinct and connection to inner divinity. I found myself drawn to colors of royal blue, bright yellows and oranges. I decided to use materials already found in my house. I looked through books, old journals and magazines. Within these sources I found all the images I needed. After meditating on my future world dream, an abstract state of simmering positivity, I began milling, cutting, taping and gluing my vision into place.

I began with a picture of a high priestess—a goddess representing the ability to create life out of herself and bring beauty into the world. From there, the words in an advertisement for outerwear, “Trust Your Forecast” found their way to the top of a brown, orange and yellow rainbow with the word “Memoir” at the end. A bicycle, wet grass, cotton and tree bark also took their places on the blue paper canvas, capturing the motion, the moving forward, on my open path of fresh growing moments. In the center, an old, lush antique chair with a purple, cut-out heart resting in the seat completed the placement of objects. God soaring from above gesturing the word “Trust”, and the heart-filled chair resting at the center beckoning the comfort of rooted Freedom, became the core of my vision board.

The board is pasted against the wall of my desk as I type. I sit with my feet planted on a complementary piece of yellow poster board on which the outline of my feet is sketched. I literally step into my life and live my dream as I type. I muse upon the board, and I realize that I continue to conceive its reality in every moment I grant it space.

This new year comes with a new moon—a rare occurrence. Beginnings, often dreaded around the new year, revolve around resolutions made from feelings of guilt. If we sit in silence with wonder, love and gratitude at our center, will we be prompted to pull images from books and magazines that convey self-loathing or defeat? I doubt it. Our divine energy (that which connects us to Love) will only show us our best. Living in our own dreams of “best” only requires a resolution of acknowledging where we are right now and daring to follow the vision in front of us. There is no guilt in that space.

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