Music & Lyrics

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In A Ghost of Christmas Past, we reimagine Fan, Scrooge’s younger sister who makes a brief appearance in the original story. Fan guides us throughout this redemption story – a story about recovering something lost – something frozen in time and forgotten.

For Scrooge, it is a journey from brokenness and fragmentation to a path of integration and wholeness.

The music blends flavors of British folk and Celtic sound into a classical lyric style that is relevant to modern ears.

The principal characters are equally weighted, bringing the female characters integral to Scrooge’s life into balance with the male characters. It is this particular imbalance in Scrooge that has separated him from his true self and a chance for family and love.


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An audio version of the full musical (produced by Western Carolina University) can be accessed here:


In collaboration with choreographer Caroline Lloyd, and written for singers and dancers, this 10 minute piece explores the connection between humans and birds. Performance versions are available for tenor and soprano, or for two sopranos. Classical singing and dancing combine with Appalachian folk-song and movement to create a unique encounter and much needed connection between nature and humanity.

For information regarding rights to performing this piece, please use the contact form on this site.

August 5-7 & 12-14
The Loading Dock Stage
73 Landis Street, Sylva, NC