Music & Lyrics

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In A Ghost of Christmas Past, we reimagine Fan, Scrooge’s younger sister who makes a brief appearance in the original story. Fan guides us throughout this redemption story – a story about recovering something lost – something frozen in time and forgotten.

For Scrooge, it is a journey from brokenness and fragmentation to a path of integration and wholeness.

The music blends flavors of British folk and Celtic sound into a classical lyric style that is relevant to modern ears.

The principal characters are equally weighted, bringing the female characters integral to Scrooge’s life into balance with the male characters. It is this particular imbalance in Scrooge that has separated him from his true self and a chance for family and love.



Free digital stream of the radio-drama premiere will be available November 26, 2020 through January 4, 2021 via various platforms:

Social Media:

A Ghost of Christmas Past will launch on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 26 at 10 a.m.

The production can be viewed via streamed video (featuring images from the design team) and audio on Western Carolina University’s Stage and Screen, Bardo Performing Arts Center, Friends of the Art, and University social media channels.


Beginning on November 26 at 10AM, the video experience will also be available at

A podcast version of the audio-only radio drama can be downloaded on the above website as well.
Additionally, it will be available through all of the main podcast sites and apps.
Local radio station, WRGC, will play the radio drama if you are interested in listening to the piece in its intended form.  To hear the complete WRGC broadcast, tune into 540 AM or 150.7 FM at 1PM on December 24, 2020 – or listen live on the WRGC app or at
New Light Theater Project:
Additionally, in December, New Light Theater Project will blast it on their media as part of their NLTP Radio Drama series. They will link back to the download and the landing page listed above.
An upcoming print article about this production is being written by The Laurel of Asheville and will be available December 1st.
An article will be featured in the Sylva Herald Thursday, November 19th.