A Deeper Election


I have decided to invest the rest of this year in personal work, rather than push so hard in my career. Spiritual work betters my connection with my instincts and the positive forces that drive me to do my best in relationships. I am involved in a virtual Celtic retreat that honors the new Irish year and the veil between the spiritual world and the world that is physical, when we can so easily connect with our ancestors and those loved ones who have crossed over into the mystical “beyond”. I have been in retreat with my Shaman friends who have reminded me of my sensory call to the divine feminine, through the dances of Peruvian goddesses, Mother Mary and Jesus, unity of women in the now-time, and feet planted in leaves on Appalachian soil, nursed by old rivers like the Swannanoa, that carry prayers and unwanted life roles into larger bodies so they can be repurposed, born again – back into the source.

In this work, I am reminded of my strengths, not my weaknesses. As Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes in her book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, I am “finding that being good, being sweet, being nice will not cause life to sing.” I am remembering that speaking my truth and dancing in my inner child’s light is not the same as stomping on the ideals of others when those ideals are not harmful. It is not the same as holding preference to one way of thought or one person simply as a reaction to something I know I don’t like, not really understanding if the hold I have on that thought or person really serves who I am at my core.

With Election Day just hours away, I am choosing to stay in this work. Regardless of outcome, I don’t need to blame those who vote for forerunners in the race or those who vote third party. I do need to acknowledge the flaws in that system that have allowed the corrupt to come to power and have created a wedge for those persons who may have political callings, but don’t have massive financial gain—who ultimately may fall prey to being bought so that they may gain power. This age-old scenario is a lengthy, repeating human problem that rears its ugly head in a variety of ways throughout history.

In the meantime, I pray that I will be in congruence with the intensity of my own sacred space in this corner of the world in which I live. I can control that.  I can control that! We live in an angry time, when people are frustrated and feel a lack of foundation in their lives. I only need remember that my voice matters and I can listen to it. I can acknowledge that it, too, is important. The work is a deeper election, where I choose to remember what is beyond the veil, where I cast my vote for peace into the unknown, knowing the path will enlighten me.

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